Kratom warriors,

Over the past year every communication made by the AKA to FDA Commissioner Gottlieb was routinely ignored.

When Dr. Gottlieb issued his Public Health Alert on kratom on November 14, 2017 and claimed 44 deaths were associated with kratom, we immediately challenged those conclusions and requested a meeting.

We were ignored.

AKA filed a formal complaint with the FDA showing repeated false claims about kratom made by the FDA were demonstrably false and failed to account for good science. We requested a hearing at the FDA on our complaint.

We were ignored.

When Commissioner Gottlieb announced on February 6, 2018 that the controversial PHASE computer modeling software proved kratom was an opioid, we asked for a meeting with kratom scientists to show the flaws in this claim.

We were ignored.

Since then, in every communication AKA has made with FDA we have reiterated our request for a meeting.

We were ignored.

When the FDA interfered with the posting of truthful and accurate information by NIDA about kratom overdose not being a cause of any reported death, it was a bridge too far for us.

Kratom Warriors helped the AKA reaffirm our request for a meeting on the science, and we have kept the pressure on every day since the request was made.

Today I am happy to report the FDA formally informed me that our request to meeting with Commissioner Gottlieb was received and is being reviewed as we speak.

The days of AKA being ignored are ending.

But make no mistake, we have to keep the pressure on until that meeting is actually scheduled and we are allowed to present the science on the safety of the natural plant kratom.

The AKA is unwavering in our belief that Kratom is safe and any ban will infringe on the right of every American to choose to safely use kratom as a part of their health and well-being regimen.  We will not yield to the barrage of misinformation from the FDA that is designed to demonize Kratom. The FDA must Follow the Science and kratom needs to remain legal.

We are extremely pleased to see that FDA has acknowledged our meeting request.  We hope NIDA will follow.

The AKA is committed to stopping the FDA’s barrage of misinformation on kratom that is flowing to law enforcement officers, federal and state legislators, coroners, medical examiners, the media and the American people.

The science proves kratom is safe.

At this point, NIDA has not yet responded, so we will keep our number of days clock running until we have a confirmed meeting date both with Commissioner Gottlieb and NIDA Director Volkow. We want them to hear directly from those scientists whose research has proven that kratom is safe.

Dave Herman









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At this time we can not recommend vendors.   Please join a support group on FaceBook or Reddit for help with vendors and general kratom questions.

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