From: Mac Haddow, Chief Lobbyist and Legislative Director

The House Rules Committee, on a 6-4 party line vote, defeated the Pocan/Gosar/Polis kratom amendment. That prevents any attempt to amend the SITSA Act on the House Floor when the vote is taken on Friday (assuming the current schedule for consideration holds).

The next battle will take place in the Senate Judiciary Committee when the issue is scheduled for a Hearing. The AKA will provide specific directions on how to best contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee once we confirm a schedule for their taking up the SITSA legislation.

We thank everyone for their support and diligent efforts in contacting the House Rules Committee members, and for raising your voice to protect the freedom of Americans to make their own choices on how to best manage their health and well-being.

We WILL fight on to protect kratom.





CALL- 804-552-1252 or EMAIL:

At this time we can not recommend vendors.   Please join a support group on FaceBook or Reddit for help with vendors and general kratom questions.

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