Kansas Residents Your Help is Needed Now!

** UPDATE **

Heads Up Kansas Residents!!!!!

We need each and everyone of you.... your friends, your family, everyone you know, to REACH OUT to Your Kansas Senators..... All of them... Start with phone calls...flood the lines NOW.

Tell them you are counting on them to support the House Bill Amendment that removes kratom from the bill SB282.

Find your senator HERE 

If we do not get them on board to support the House amendment, we could lose Kansas. SO no excuses, no arguments please.... Just CALL, EMAIL, the vote is tomorrow.....

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After the FDA announcement, the Senate passed the amendment to SB282.


It now moves to the House. Our Lobbyist feels the best thing we can do is have all of you, your friends, family and everyone you know, start calling your House Representative.


Find your individual Rep HERE


PLEASE remember be polite, courteous and professional and tell your story from your heart.

This is the time to Make Your Voices Heard!


If you are emailing or talking to them in person, make sure you have this Scientist Letter to the White House and DEA.


Also become familiar with the 8 Factor Analysis found at this link


When emailing, please keep it short, polite and to the point, with a brief personal story of how you came to kratom, how it benefits you. Refrain from any medical terminology, instead using words such as benefits, helps, natural botanical, supplement. Be sure to include if you are now working and couldn’t before, if you are able to enjoy a full life now, etc.


If you are unsure of what to say or how to say it, ask here and we will help you with your wording.

If you are making phone calls and are unsure of yourself, let us know and we can help you with that as well.


Be sure you are a member of the Kansas AKA for Kratom Facebook group


Or follow us on the Kansas AKA for Kratom page.


AKA Website: www.americankratom.org


CALL- 804-552-1252 or EMAIL:


At this time we can not recommend vendors.   Please join a support group on FaceBook or Reddit for help with vendors and general kratom questions.

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