This criterion addresses how expertly participants have displayed their understanding of the formatting guidelines to create an original and successful video. For example, the video should be proper length, {no longer than 3 minutes} include proper credits, and reflect only the participants work, or work as a collaboration of participants.

Technical Production: 

This criterion addresses how expertly participants apply their mastery of the audio-visual aspects of creating their video and how accurately and effectively they exhibit their dramatic production skills. Judges should consider the quality of such technical issues as the editing process, camera work (focus, stability, camera angles, etc.), and audio and sound effects (volume, clarity, audio is consistent with no interruptions or background noise). When judging dramatic production skills, judges should consider the historical accuracy of props, costumes, and set designs to the historical periods; realism of actors’ movements and dialogue.


Understanding of Content:

This criterion assesses how good participants demonstrate their comprehension of Kratom and the significance of the impact that it has in the participant’s life, or the lives of others.

Affective Impact:  

This criterion focuses on the video production as a meaningful addition to The American Kratom Association, the Kratom community, and the entire general public. While more holistic than the above criteria, “Affective Impact” requires judges to make an assessment of the project as a whole:  Does it reflect depth of understanding? As an audio-visual experience is it original, creative, engaging, and insightful? In the end, does the depth, breadth, and quality of this video set it apart, dramatically, from all of its competitors?



Please remember, these are guidelines only. If a video stands out, it stands out. Public voting is based on personal choice and will be taken into account by the judges as well.  


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